ICANN CEO Stuart Lynn today released a plan for a “strong” ICANN that would have 5 of 15 Board members selected directly by governments and the rest by registrars, registries, plus a few Board-squatter-like ringers chosen by the ICANN Board or staff. The main justifications offered for this shift are that in order to be “strong” ICANN needs more money, more support, and less “process”. Of course, promises Lynn, ICANN’s “core values of openness and broad participation” should be “preserved”. Oh yes, ICANN wants a much bigger budget, and to be independent of the US Dept. of Commerce, and to get direct control of the root server operators too, all so as to ensure that ICANN has unimpeded ability to execute its “mission”. ICANN was supposed to save the Internet from governments; now it looks like they’re trying to become one.