The DaVinci Institute is again hosting their critically acclaimed Inventor Boot Camp on April 20th at Denver’s Hyatt Tech Center.

The Inventor Boot Camp is designed for people who are serious about being an inventor. This may include anyone who either has a patent or is thinking about patenting something. The contents of this workshop will apply to everyone from a first-time inventor to someone who is filing their 27th patent. But they’ll make you work for it. This is powerful information for those who are serious about their inventions.

What Is The Inventor Boot Camp?

In this Boot Camp you’ll learn the world of inventing without the sugar coating.

Nearly every other inventor organization will tell you that it’s easy to get rich off your patent. They’ll tell you that your idea is wonderful and that the rest of the world is waiting close by their phone so they can buy your product. This is total garbage. If you believe this stuff I want you to drop and give me twenty.

Motivational speakers make their living by telling you about success stories, people who have invented the right product at the right time and have become billionaires. They lead you to believe that you too can become the next Bill Gates or Michael Dell. Again, this is total garbage. If you believe this stuff I want you to drop and give me forty.

Inventing a product is tough work. The invention itself is just one step in what can sometimes be a very, very long process. An inventor not only has to be very skilled in understanding their own product, but they also have to understand intellectual property, product design, marketing, sales, manufacturing, human resources, finance, accounting, system design, and about 100 other skillsets that creep up when you least expect it.

The Straight Scoop

Nobody will give you the straight scoop like the Inventor Boot Camp will. We give you the no-garbage approach. Our plan is to first scrape off the smarmy slime that all the other inventor groups have dipped you in. We’ve been in the trenches, we’ve worked with the successful inventors as well as those who are still trapped in their own paper bag. We know what works and what doesn’t. And we will tell you up front that you’re in for a hell of a lot of work. It’s physical work, mental work, and most importantly, emotional work. And it will definitely take its toll on you.

We created this Boot Camp because we’re tired of pussyfooting around with inventors. We no longer worry whether or not we will offend someone – we pretty much offend everyone. But we get the job done. In the end, you too can become a success story that everyone talks about, but you have to do the work first. So quit being a couch potato. Come down to the Boot Camp, and earn your stripes.

Enroll by Calling (303) 666-4133

Seating is limited to 25 people, so act now!

Why Should You Attend?

The Inventor Boot Camp will be the most significant turning point in your entire life. Some of the topics included will be:
Top 10 Mistakes Made By Most Inventors – How to recognize them before they happen and avoid them.

In-depth Look at Failures – We can learn a lot from the mistakes of others. The success stories tell us very little. Examining past failures is where we can learn valuable lessons.

Intellectual Property Strategies – The deck is definitely stacked against the individual inventor. Understand the tactics and strategies, and how to use them to your advantage.

Patent Appraisals – Tools and techniques to determine how to find out how much your patent is worth.

The 8 Most Valuable Patents of Last Year – Who owns them and how did they get to be so valuable.

Patent Insurance for the Little Guy – Where to get it and when do you need it.

Understanding Your Own Limitations – Find out about your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Each attendee will complete a thorough assessment test. The confidential results of this test will be presented at the Boot Camp.

System Thinking – Learn how to evaluate the system in which your invention will function, and how to maximize your position.
Managing Your Life – Being an inventor is tough work. If you don’t know how to manage your own life, your invention will fail. If you spend too much time or not enough time on your invention, your invention will fail. If you don’t make a long term commitment to your invention, your invention will fail. Learn how to balance and manage your life.

Being Successful – In the end we want you to be successful – very successful. But you can’t be successful if you don’t have a realistic picture of what you’re getting into. We’ve been in the trenches where you are, and we know what it takes to be a success. Learn to enjoy the journey. This is the most important work on the planet earth.