There is a bifurcation of inventiveness on the planet. A few places do all the entrepreneurial heavy lifting, the rest look on. Consider patents, one measure of a nation”s inventiveness: in 2000, the United States generated 175,983 patents and Israel 2,024–or, respectively, 633 and 355 patents per million people. By contrast, Brazil (in 1999) produced 3,219 patents, or just 19 per million people.

Finland is more entrepreneurial than France. The Chinese satellites of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan are more entrepreneurial than mainland China, which is entrepreneurial only in parts. The United States, India, and Israel are the exemplary entrepreneurial countries.

Why? Biologists sometimes use the word culture as a verb: they speak of culturing micro–organisms in conditions where they will thrive. By extension, how may a people culture entrepreneurialism in technology?