Some industries are notorius for treating their customers like dirt. The Customer Abuse Quotient, which was developed by the DaVinci Institute, is inversely proportional to a customer loyalty index.

Industries with a high Customer Abuse Quotient create a great opportunity for some new upstart to come in and totally revamp the industry. “These are opportunities ripe for the picking,” says Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute.

Some industries were set up as monopolies, and others just act like it. But for whatever reason, we have a number of businesses that really couldn’t care less whether or not you were one of their customers.

The free enterprise system that we’ve created is designed with certain checks and balances that should protect you the consumer. The biggest checks and balance is the opportunity for a maverick entrepreneur to come in and totally change an industry. And the idea behind the Customer Abuse Quotient is to begin to shed light on these industries and the huge opportunity that is currently untapped.

“If you’ve ever had to argue with a company over your bill or the service they performed, you can quickly understand the need for someone to rate this deviant behavior,” says Frey. “Just because they may be in some protected industry, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t pay the price for their actions.”

“Dental surgery with hand grenades is the way they approach things,” says Frey. “Its time to lob a few back in their direction.”