TECHtionary is the World’s First Animated Dictionary (vendor-neutral) serving as a FREE glossary to help users, students, staff, customers, investors and others.

TECHtionary has been selected by Net Economy, Business Communications Review, X-change Magazine, Phone+ magazine, Telecom Agent Association, TechBiz magazine, ComputorEdge magazine, ISPworld, Competitive Telecommunications Association, Society of Cable Television Engineers, ISIM University, Virtual High Schools of America, Maine Telecommunications Association, Missouri Telecommunications Association, CABA (Continental Automated Buildings Association), International Center for Standards Research, The Educators’ Website for Information Technology, Broadband Wireless Online, Society of Telecommunications Consultants and many others as their glossary.

With more new terms everyday and more than 718+ terms and 500,000+ Macromedia Flash animation effects on telecommunications, data communications, networking and internet technologies, TECHtionary can be accessed anytime-anywhere to learn how things work, view real photos and understand what’s-what.

For more information, contact:

Thomas B. Cross


TECHtionary User Comments

Here are just a few of the many emails received:

“TECHtionary is the most comprehensive visual reference-learning system available.

I have been a professional in the telecommunications and information technology industry for over thirty years. During my career I have seen technologies come and go and even more vendors come and go. It is increasingly clear that we constantly need to know more about our industry and the issues surrounding it. TECHtionary is the greatest tools I have ever encountered to help us know more about what we need to know more about. Unlike books and even most web-based systems, there is something new on TECHtionary nearly everyday and we all need to learn something new everyday. Thanks again for such a great tool.”

Paul C. Daubitz President – ATI-Telemanagement ( past President

of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants).

“Yes I teach Cisco 1-6 right now. I help out a little with the A+ students when their teacher isn’t there, but I’m full time with the IT division. That’s why I’m glad to see this sight so I can give this to my students so when they ask about something instead of me always telling them I can tell them to look it up. Since in the real world I won’t be there all the time to bail them out. So thanks again.” Dan!!

“I am sure I have told you how wonderful I think the animated dictionary is!

I looked at it again today, and you are absolutely right, animation, visuals, and pictures speak a thousand words. My colleagues have seen it too, and are very impressed by TECHtionary.” – Alcatel.

“I just received the link to your TECHtionary site and I must say that it is the best Tech dictionary that I have seen on the web so far.” Saverio DiGravina Level (3) Communications

According to Cindy Johnson, Director of Technology for Lee County Schools in Sanford, North Carolina, “The TECHtionary website immediately appealed to me because I often lack the knowledge I need to make wise decisions for the district. Our technicians have also had limited access to training. They often have learned while on the job. The website provides immediate, easy access to information they may not have otherwise. When I have requested additional information to be placed on the site I received prompt, positive feedback. The animation and easily understood text make the site valuable for learners at all levels. The site is easy to maneuver. A great deal of time is not invested in learning how to use the site. Novice Internet users are not frustrated with how to get information and advanced users still find something to learn.”

TECHtionary Leads to NACSE Certification

TECHtionary also provides key terms and concepts for preparation of the NACSE – National Association of Communications Systems Engineers ( – contact for membership information) as a vendor-neutral learning program. Some of the certifications that TECHtionary will provide guidance are NTA – NACSE Telecom Technician, NTSC – NACSE Telecommunications Sales Consultant and NTSE – NACSE Telecommunications Sales Executive-Engineer level certifications.

TECHtionary is an ideal tool for vendors with technologies “in search of customers,” Cross-added. Customers are besieged with the accelerating pace of technologies. “Our own assessment of the dot-bomb failure is that technology providers, including carriers, fail to educate their staff and customers on the applications of their products/services. Customers want to understand the technology before they buy. They also want to buy from a person who understands how all the technologies fit together including the vast array of legacy systems.” Cross-commented.