Weird web sites have been a part of the Internet since its’ inception. Whether it’s somebody trying to sell their inlaws, or a site dedicated entirely to bananas, the Internet has it all.

Life is strange, death is stranger, and for sites dedicated to the bizarre, death can even be Page-hit fodder. Want to find out how long you are going to live ? Visit The Death Clock, and find out the length of your mortal coil.

If you’re interested in finding out where your favourite dead person was laid to rest visit Find A Grave, put their searchable database of dead people to the test. Is Lego dead? Somebody thinks so, check out Lego Death.

If you’re still obsessed with the subject, Corpses for Sale gives you the chance to buy your very own corpse (at reasonable prices). Think you may be a target for dismemberment? Visit The Serial Killer Hit List.

Tired of all the mother-child-we-are-the-world sites? Try Free baby to a good home or Beanie Babies. Club The Seal is a good place to start for those with a mind for the heartless.

The amount of gross-out sites on the net is staggering. Personally it’s not my thing, but to each his own. Good places to start are Greta Garbage’s gross-out links site, and the infamous

Take a trip on the wild side of the web and check out these excellent weird-links Sites.

Web Weirdness

Weird Web Sites

The Weird Site

Whether you’re searching for The Toaster Museum or Atheists for Jesus, the web has all that you want, and more.