When Marty Mueller’s baby was stillborn a few weeks before she was due to give birth, she and her husband spent several hours at the hospital, holding their son, grieving, and snapping photographs before sending him to the mortuary.

As the day wore on, Troy’s skin became discolored, and the signs of decay were clearly visible in the developed pictures. So Marty, a professional photographer, did what came naturally to her: she re-touched the snapshots to make them look better, digitally creating the rosy-cheeked, healthy baby she never had.

She shared Troy’s pictures at a bereavement group in Santa Cruz, California, and was soon besieged by requests from anguished parents asking her to retouch their stillborn photographs as well. Today, she has turned the requests into a sideline business, for which she suggests a donation of $30 to $50 per picture. More here.