A visual aid for sign language interpreters is now being marketed to computer addicts.

The so-called “Ultraview Mirror” is usually used by those giving sign language translations to audience. The two-mirror setup allows for a rearward view without reversing the image.

The Baltimore, Maryland-based company that makes the device says its been seeing requests for computer users who can’t be bothered to turn around to watch television or other sights while clicking away at the keyboard.

“Typically, in home and workplace offices, the TV or other displays are placed off to the side or behind the user causing the user to constantly turn around,” said inventor Stephen Frank, a Baltimore sign language interpreter and president of Clear View Innovations, which Thursday began promoting the mirror to computer users. “At UltraView Mirror, we like to say – ‘There’s no turning back!'”

The price of the device ranges from 40 to 80 dollars, depending on mounting.