If you want to amplify your intelligence, well-being and natural longevity, smart foods (a.k.a. “smart drugs“, “smart drinks“) are a necessity. Even on a healthy vegetarian diet and exercise program, viruses and bacterias can take over the human system. With a small accident you may be in the hospital and in need of help healing. You might also have a genetic condition that inhibits the functioning of your nervous, cardio, pulmonary or musculatory system.

For many, smart foods have been miracle foods that reverse the effects of disease. Others enhance cognitive functioning and neuronutrition. They are neither drugs nor man-made.

Well-known smart nutrients and/ or foods include: Wheatgrass juice, Hawaiian spirulina, 851 Soy Concentrate, gingko biloba, Siberian (eluthero) ginseng, gotu-kola, guarana, kava kava, Choline, DMAE, almonds, fruits, raw chocolate and amino-acids such as L-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine.