For 20 years, citizens of Florida have been pushing for high-speed rail, as an alternative to the state’s ever-growing, yet ever-crowded highways. A previous plan, the Florida Overland eXpress (FOX), was

killed by governor Jeb Bush
in 1998. The voters responded by passing a referendum to require the building of a “bullet train,” starting by November 2003.

The new

Florida High Speed Rail Authority
is focusing first on the busy Miami-Orlando and Tampa-Orlando corridors, but eventually hopes to serve the whole state.

And they are seriously considering maglev technology! If the Florida HSR system did use maglev, it would be the largest one in the world. (Right now, maglev is in use on test tracks in
Germany and Japan, with a 30-kilometer system under construction in Shanghai.)

However, I like this humorous proposal best: it takes the idea of a “bullet train” literally, using the Jules Verne approach to propulsion.