The couple, who go by the names Bill and Kathy in public, have tried to have a baby since they married in 1993. They tried everything from fertility drugs to in-vitro fertilization with no success, so turned to Kentucky-based embryologist Panos Zavos to clone a child.

In a secret laboratory, doctors will soon take some of Kathy’s tissue and harvest DNA. They’ll insert the DNA into an egg from a younger donor and implant the result in a surrogate mother.

While some religious figures have condemned cloning — as well as abortion and embryonic stem cell treatments, two more procedures Bill and Kathy are comfortable with should there be a problem with the fetus — the possibly soon-to-be parents believe God is on their side.

In an Aug 12 interview on CNN’s “Connie Chung Tonight” the couple spoke out with the goal of informing people about cloning. “Education, so people slowly, slowly, or faster or faster, get to know what this is all about,” said Bill when asked why they went on television.

“I think that God really wants us to do this, that it is the next step. I can’t imagine any other reason why we haven’t had a child, other than this is what we were meant to do,” said Kathy.