With terrorism and war on the world’s mind, a new radiation-proof fabric seems poised to change the fashion world from obsessions with colour to obsessions with life-saving features.

Demron, produced by Radiation Shield Technologies, protects wearers from gamma, x-ray, alpha and beta radiation. Previous protective materials only offered protection from alpha radiation.

Billed as a way for military and civilian populations to protect themselves from natural and man-made radiation sources — including nuclear terrorism — the material is lightweight, non-toxic, lead-free and one-sixth the weight of medical lead aprons.

Full-body Demron suits weigh just three to six pounds, allowing users to be unencumbered — “to work in or escape from radiation-exposed areas,” reads a press release for Demron.

Unveiled at the first Homeland Security Summit in Atlanta last month. the fabric is now available to the military, government agencies and emergency response teams. It will soon be available to civilians.

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