The Internet is an important homework tool and a more familiar medium than books to UK children, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by NOP Research for, involved 1,000 seven to 16 year olds from across the UK.

Some of the study’s most striking findings include the following:

  • Terminology: Fully 60% of children knew that “homepage” was the front page of a Website while only 9% could define “preface.” As well, 60% could identify a “hard drive” as part of a computer but just about 33% knew that “hardback” was a type of book.

  • Homework help: Nearly 75% of kids used the Internet to find information for a project. More than 50% said that what they learned online directly improved their grades.

  • Generation gap: A possibly worrisome finding for educational systems is that kids are more advanced than many teachers in their Web use. Almost 66% of children surveyed helped an adult use the Internet and 20% helped a teacher.


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