Only 10 or so shopping days to Halloween. If you’re at a loss for a project this weekend check out for a full set of detailed instructions on the construction of a Fog chiller. “What’s a fog chiller?” you may ask. And rightly so. Let me explain.

A fog machine dumps fog juice on a heating plate to produce oodles of the white, floaty stuff. Problem is that it doesn’t hug the ground like you see in the movies.

An alternative that is employed to create the ground-hugging variety of fog is a dry ice machine (which heats up dry ice and disperses the resultant cloud of fog). The problem is that dry ice is (a) expensive and (b) not always that easy to get.

Enter the fog chiller. The chiller can be built very inexpensively (major cost is the sacrifice of a largish cooler) and works with a regular fog machine that consumes low-cost fog juice. Go on, give it a try. You know you want to. And just imagine the look on the faces of your little ghouls and ghosts come the 31st when your house looks like boot hill on steroids.”