The Maltese-Australian author of the book “A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife” will be in Malta shortly to deliver a public talk on psychic evidence of the existence of life after death. The talk, with “Science
Proves the Afterlife” as a theme, will be held at Bay Street on Tuesday, October 29 at 7.15pm.

Lawyer Victor Zammit B.A. (Psych) Grad. Dip. Ed. (UTS), M.A. (Legal Hist.), LLB (UNSW), Ph.D, is a retired Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. He is a specialist in Corporations Law, a consultant and a lecturer.

“This is not religious crusading,” Dr Zammit maintains. “This is not a matter of faith or belief. This is a matter of making the objective evidence available.”
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