Reuters: Forget forbidden flings and passionate one night stands, it’s married women who enjoy the best sex.

Two thirds of married women say the best sex they’ve had is with their husband, compared to 13 percent who say it was when they were single and just nine percent when having an affair, a survey by British health magazine Top Sante said Tuesday.

“This survey turns on its head the idea that the best sex is when we are footloose, fancy free and single,” Juliette Kellow, Top Sante’s editor, said.

“The truth is truly great sex and deep intimacy are most likely to happen within the trusting, committed environment of marriage or a long-term relationship.”

Men will be able to draw reassurance from the findings, based on a survey of 2,000 women across the UK. More than half of women think their partner has a “gorgeous body,” 69 percent are happy with their man’s weight, and 93 percent are pleased with his “manhood.”

Even after 14 years of marriage, 63 percent of women still fancy their husband as much as when they first met and 65 percent think sex never goes off the boil with the right man.

But although 95 percent of women believe being faithful is important in a long-term relationship, 16 percent admitted to having affairs.

Most blamed TV shows such as “Sex And The City” for the breakdown of relationships, with 74 percent saying such programs give out the message that infidelity is normal.