The problem: Modern sports cars are so capable that it’s impossible to have fun driving them within the speed limit. The solution, according to Swedish transportation design student Tommy Forsgren: Ditch the sports car.

Forsgren proposes a new breed of single-occupant three-wheel vehicle in which the driver assumes a chest-down, headfirst position and uses an intuitive control system. The driver shifts from side to side to carve into turns and leans forward or backward to speed up or slow down. The vehicle is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and employs gyroscope technology to aid in balancing and turning. Think of it as a motorcycle crossed with a hang glider, or the Segway by way of a street luge. “Extreme sports were a definite inspiration,” Forsgren says. “It’s a form of transportation unlike anything I’ve seen before. I call it the intuitive driving machine.” See pictures here.