Better Humans: Cochlear implants for young hearing-impaired children have a 95% success rate, according to a study by University Clinic of the University of Navarre.

The Spanish clinic began implanting cochlear devices, which stimulate the hearing nerve electrically, in 1989. Since then it has performed 356 implantations on people between nine months and 82 years old.

The clinic reports that with adults who lose their hearing after learning a language, 80% recover the capacity to recognize words without reading lips. With children, the percentage increases to 95% if they do not have another disease.

The clinic also says that 80% of hearing-impairments can be caught at birth, and that the earliest interventions are generally most successful.

Researchers have therefore been working to improve implantation techniques for children, and the clinic can now perform a cochlear implant operation on children in 45 minutes.