Botox, that injectable elixir of youth, got a big boost in April when the F.D.A. approved its use in minimizing the appearance of glabellar lines — those between-the-brows furrows we used to think deepened with life’s wisdom but now know are caused by the contraction of your corrugator or procerus muscles. The F.D.A.’s blessing made 2002 the year of the Botox party — that sui generis clinical setting where your hostess serves smoked salmon to a few choice guests in need of wrinkle zapping and your doctor brings the syringes, giving new meaning to doing shots at happy hour.

The Botox party quickly went public, with weekend spa packages at Vegas casinos and radio hosts treating the first 10 lucky callers to gratis injections at the mall. Happy Botoxers are plastering the Internet with party photos for all to see, like ”Jeff and Anna’s Botox party at the Lobster Ranch with Dr. George Toledo.” There’s Dr. George, giving Jeff one right between the eyes, and Anna dabbing him with cotton gauze, and finally a group shot of 10 partiers, all beaming.