CNN has a story about Lycos and its 50 top “searched for” items of the year. After excluding “sex”, “Dragonball” was #1, followed by “Kazaa”, “tattoos”, “Britney Spears”, and the “NFL” (american football) rounding out the top 5. IRS was #7, and taxes acheived #14. “The Bible” is #21 followed by “Marijuana” at #22. It appears that pop-stars, supermodels, computer games, sports, and september 11th related words heavily dominate the rest of the top 100. How about the biggest declines? Boy bands. nSync down from 36 to 163, and Back Street Boys tumble to 250 from 58. Lycos is hosting the top 100 results this year here with some commentary. Google also has their own comprehensive lists (and cool charts) as well.