The world’s tallest structure could soon be a giant solar power plant in the middle of the Australian outback.

The tower will be a solar chimney invented by German structural engineers Schlaich Bergermann and Partner.

In solar chimneys, air is heated by sunlight under a glass roof that’s open at the circumference. This causes an updraft that drives turbines. Tight, water-filled tubes under the roof absorb heat in the daytime and release it at night, allowing for 24-hour power generation.

Schlaich Bergermann and Partner demonstrated a 200-metre-high (about 650-foot-high) model in Manzanares, Spain, in 1982.

At a proposed height of one kilometre (3,300 feet), the Australian tower would be more than twice the height of the CN Tower in Toronto, the world’s current tallest structure. More here.