Reuters: Catholic church leaders in Germany have responded icily to a range of ice creams named after the seven deadly sins, accusing the makers of trifling with serious matters and courting controversy to boost sales.

“These sins are serious matters. We cannot support something which advocates turning away from God,” said Manfred Nielen, spokesman for the archbishopric of Hamburg.

Manfred Becker-Huberti from the archbishopric of Cologne agreed: “All they are trying to do is popularize something via provocation,” he said.

But Ute Sievert, spokeswoman for ice cream makers Langnese, a brand of Anglo-Dutch group Unilever, said the seven flavors of envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth and wrath did not endorse mortal sins.

“Our ice cream has nothing to do with religion. They’re just seven great flavors of ice cream,” she said.