Sony’s newest robot:

The new version SDR-4X II has improved movement functions, safety functions and conversation capabilities.
The new speech processor supports continuous speech recognition with about 20,000 words.
The Sony SDR-4X II is about 580x190x270mm in size and weighs about 7kg.

Toshiba’s newest robot:

Toshiba will introduce their Personal Robot Prototype ApriAlpha on this years Robodex 2003 in Japan.

The Robot can recognize up to 100 faces and has built-in speech recognition and a voice synthesizer.

It can communicate via wireless LAN (802.11b), IR and bluetooth with other devices in a networked home.
The built-in Video Camera can also be used to take photos and send them via i-mode to a mobile Phone.
It moves around by itself and avoid obstacles automatically and kinda looks like a mini R2D2