America Online, Inc., the world’s leading interactive services company, today announced the launch of AOL Voicemail, a new premium service that enables AOL members to listen to their home voice messages online and their AOL e-mails over the telephone, so that all their messages can be accessed together at any time, in one place, from any phone or computer. AOL Voicemail offers members the most convenient way to manage their busy lives and stay connected to the people and things that matter most.

AOL introduced this service in response to strong consumer interest in the ability to combine e-mail and voice mail into a single platform. A recent survey of online consumers conducted for America Online by Digital Marketing Services, Inc. found that:

— 63% were interested in having the ability to check their voice and e-mail messages in one place;

— 55% report regularly checking messages in at least three locations on a regular basis;

— 23% of consumers surveyed report having at least occasional difficulty accessing messages when they need to;

— 57% of respondents prefer to access their messages via e-mail rather than voice mail; and

— Among those most likely to prefer accessing messages via e-mail are senior citizens (65%) and those who work from home (63%).