Today is the last day before the cost of registering for the Future of Money Summit increases.

The Future of Money Summit is being produced by the DaVinci Institute along with Forbes Magazine. The event will happen Oct 27-29 in Denver, Colorado.

With all the gloomy market news it’s clear that major forces are at play as individual countries try to prepare for the emerging global marketplace. At the DaVinci Institute, our goal in exploring the future of money is predicated on the notion that money is the highest leverage point for social change in the world. Nothing happens in the money world without causing a cascading relational effect on the rest of mankind.

Co-Chairs for this event are Governor Bill Owens (R) and former Governor Richard Lamm (D) both from Colorado. Speakers include Dee Hock – Founder of Visa, John Naisbitt – Futurist, John Gage – Chief Scientist at Sun, Robert Mundell – Nobel Prize Winner in Economics 1999, and many more.