Jay Walker jump-started an online shopping craze by inventing Priceline.com, the Web site that lets people bid on airplane tickets and hotel rooms.

Now Walker is hoping his newest brainchild revolutionizes a completely different field: national security.

The premise behind Walker’s USHomeGuard is simple: America has 47,000 power plants, airports and other “critical infrastructure facilities.”

Walker believes a terrorist can get within 100 feet of most of them, unchallenged and undetected, and kill or injure thousands.

But if onsite cameras beamed photos to the World Wide Web, Americans could monitor these sites from home. If they spied a potential attacker — a masked man trying to scale a power plant fence, or a van parked next to a reservoir — they could alert security agents with a click of the mouse. Agents would call local authorities and help avert disaster.

Walker envisions spotters getting up to $10 per hour, paid by the government agencies and companies that need protecting.
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