Sanswire Technologies Inc. will move forward with its plan to launch a nationwide wireless broadband network, following the reworking of its agreement with Telesphere Communications Inc., a division of Techsphere Systems International L.L.C.

Sanswire’s network calls for high-altitude airships called Stratellites to offer high-speed wireless Internet access to subscribers throughout the United States as well as parts of Canada and Mexico. The Stratellites will be stationed 13 miles into the stratosphere, rather than in orbit like satellites. According to Sanswire, one Stratellite will cover an area of up to 300,000 square miles, allowing two-way high-speed wireless data communication between subscribers. Each Stratellite is designed to stay in one location for up to 12 months and then will be replaced by a duplicate while the original is returned to earth for servicing and upgrades.

According to their new agreement, Sanswire has exclusive rights for transmitting wireless broadband access from the airships, which will be launched by Telesphere, at a cost yet to be determined. Sanswire will also be able to purchase airships for its own use or to sell to third parties.
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