People in the US have lost faith in the Justice System. More specifically, they have lost faith in being able to use the court systems as a tool for dispute resolution. Rapidly escalating legal costs and an overly burdensome resolution process have relegated the system to a playground for the rich.

Roger Adams is possessed by his vision for a web-based project management software that enables Americans to lower the cost of dispute resolution by accelerating the time when settlement bargaining begins. He wants to move America closer to a dispute resolution culture based on cost-effective problem-solving rather than adversarial contest. Ninety seven percent (97%) of all civil lawsuits settle before trial. Therefore, Mr. Adams notes, the huge cost of the lawyers who engage in months and years of discovery preparing for trials that never happen represents one of the great wastes and inefficiencies still remaining in our free-market economy.

EVENT: Night with a Futurist

DATE: Monday, June 2nd

TIME: 7:00 – 9:00pm

LOCATION: Cheshire Cat Brewpub, Arvada, Colorado

SPEAKER: Roger C. Adams is an attorney and the founder and CEO of JumpStart Settlement Inc.