Finnish company MyOrigo has unveiled what it describes as “the first motion-controlled smartphone”, launching ‘mydevice’, a device enabling consumers to make calls, search the web, schedule meetings, take pictures, send emails and view and edit documents in a “completely intuitive way.”

MyOrigo claims ‘mydevice’ will stand out through a number of usability factors. ‘Motion Control’, for instance, offers screen adjustment as the user moves their hand to allow for tilting, scrolling and zooming. ‘My Book User Interface’ enables users to ‘flick’ the corner of a page to leaf their way through documents and windows. ‘Mirroring’ enables users to tip their devices in order to look into the corners of web pages, just as one can do by looking at the reflection when tipping a mirror. ‘Haptic Touch & Feel Sensitive’, meanwhile, deploys a ‘touch and feel’ screen that means the device responds as you touch the display, making it more like touching a real key than a virtual one.

Other features of the device include a full QWERTY keyboard, finger touch rather than stylus stick operation, a VGA camera and an MP3 player.

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