An Indian woman dumped her three children at a police station after officers refused to heed her request for the release of her husband.

The resident of Chapra, in Rajasthan, was arrested for illegal mining.

Shortly afterwards, his wife and three young children arrived at the police station and pleaded that officers release her husband because he was the sole bread-winner and there was no way she could support the family without him.

But the woman walked out of the police station without the children when the officers refused to release him, reports the Statesman of Calcutta.

A police spokesman said: “She argued that since we are not releasing her husband, we may as well take care of her three children.”

No sooner the mother had departed from the police station than the three toddlers began crying.

After the children continued to wail, despite being fed with milk and snacks, a policeman decided to release the father from the lock-up so that he could bring them under control.

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