A new company is offering a form of elective insurance in which people pay for the collection, processing and storage of their own healthy stem cells for future healthcare needs.

NeoStem, devoted to pioneering adult stem cell therapeutics, has introduced its “True Life Insurance” for independent insurance agents to offer to clients.

Whereas traditional life insurance comes in universal, term or whole life and is designed to protect surviving spouses and dependants, True Life Insurance is aimed at keeping policyholders alive.

By storing their own stem cells, says NeoStem, people improve their chance of extending their life and successfully overcoming serious illnesses.

Autologous adult stem cell transplantation — transplanting a patient’s own cells — has an advantage over allogeneic transplantation — transplanting cells from other people — because it won’t provoke immune rejection.

For this, True Life Insurance policyholders pay a premium charge for collection and storage of their stem cells.

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