HoloTouch™ interactive holographic actuation and control technology was invented and patented by R. Douglas McPheters; he has assigned all of his rights in HoloTouch to HoloTouch, Inc., a Delaware corporation with offices in Darien, Connecticut. McPheters is the President and sole stockholder of HoloTouch, Inc. Previously, McPheters was Chief Operating Officer and interim Chief Financial Officer of two high-tech startups in the medical information and publishing sectors and practiced law in Manhattan for over twenty-five years, where his work for domestic and international clients emphasized complex corporate, banking, corporate securities and merger and acquisition transactions. After his graduation from Yale University, where he received a Naval ROTC scholarship awarded on the basis of merit, McPheters was commissioned as a line officer in the U.S. Navy and eventually served as Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Tigrone (AGSS-419), a diesel-electric submarine.

Combining holographic images of what would otherwise be the buttons of cell phones, PDAs, laptops, video games or hand-helds with a wave sensor scanning the plane of those images, HoloTouch enhances comfortable, reliable operation, where keypad size has shrunk below normal finger size, and continues to dwindle. With HoloTouch, images of keypads can be any size, entirely independent of the size of the hardware. Holographic images of the keypad are projected into the air in front of the equipment. An infra-red detector scans the plane of those holographic images to detect the intrusion of a finger into the desired portion of those images, identifies which number or symbol has been selected, and transmits that selection from the equipment’s internal software, much the same way pressing a button on an ordinary keypad would.
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