The DaVinci Institute has put together an interesting historic piece to help put the world of money technology into perspective. While I’m glad to see the ATM machine made the list, I had no idea it was invented back in 1939. Other items on the list are barcodes, spreadsheets, and RSA encryption. This looks to be one of the research pieces the Institute’s doing for their upcoming Future of Money Summit in October.

Before we know where are going in the future, we have to know where we’ve come from. In preparation for the upcoming Future of Money Summit™ we have been examining the world of money and have identified the Top 10 inventions in money in the last 100 years (in chronological order).

The research team at the DaVinci Institute has spent the past six months reviewing hundreds of innovations in the money world. Using a scoring system designed to assess the overall impact of each technology, a group of the Institute’s staff and advisors weighed in.

Some significant technologies like vending machines, travelers cheques, and slot machines didn’t make the list because they were developed in the late 1800s. Our goal was to focus on the innovations from the last century, narrowing the list significantly.

Other technologies developed in the 1990s didn’t make the list because most have not reached the level of impact that the following items have.
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