Three Germans who claim to be the secret children of Charles Lindbergh have taken DNA tests to prove it and met American descendants of the aviator, a family adviser told Reuters Thursday. Anton Schwenk, consultant to the German offspring, said DNA tests were taken recently and results would be known in a few weeks. He said there had been several amiable meetings in Europe between the Munich family and the American Lindberghs.

THE THREE GERMANS went public two months ago to announce that Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic, led a double existence for the last 17 years of his life, visiting his second family in Munich and supporting them generously.

Lindbergh, who died in 1974 aged 72, was married and had six children with his wife in the United States. “There have been several meetings that went very, very well,” Schwenk said. “The meetings were congenial and joyful affairs. That’s the reason why the genetic tests have become a secondary issue now. We’ll have the results soon.

“Contact has been made and things are still fragile,” he added. “There’s a process of adjustment. There’s a lot to come to terms with. We don’t want to upset anything. After all these years…

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