The internet is evolving into a far more powerful beast that could turbo-charge your computer, without you even noticing. Behind the scenes, vast networks of computers are connected over the internet, creating a massive reservoir of power that can be turned on and off just like water…

At the moment, most of these networks, known as grid technology, are mostly in the hands of scientists.

But experts predict that before we know it, this sort of technology will become as pervasive as the net itself.

“This will become part of everyday life over the next couple of years,” says Tom Hawk, General Manager of Grid Computing for computer giant IBM.

“Grid technology takes the internet and exploits it more fully, lashing together millions of devices online.

“The net allowed computers to talk together. Grid computing allows computers to work together, not just communicate together.”

Computing muscle

The idea of using lots of machines together is not new. In the past it has been called distributed computing.

The Seti screensaver experience was an early example of using the spare capacity of home PCs to search for alien life.

Grid technology takes advantage…

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