BROCKTON, Mass. — The restyled, color-rich $20 bill, in circulation for just three weeks, has been touted by the government as the “most secure currency in U.S. history.” Well, that’s not true in Brockton, Mass., where a bunch of computer-generated phonies have turned up.

THERE ARE LEADS but no arrests yet. Brockton Detective Domenic Persampierei says that’s because the bills are so new, no one saw the counterfeits coming. “I couldn’t believe there was a brand-new counterfeit 20 that came out because it’s… they’re supposed to be foolproof.”

That was the perception at one neighborhood legend, George’s restaurant, where the walls pay tribute to native boxing great Rocky Marciano. But it’s the restaurant that’s “taking it on the chin.” George’s owner, Charles Tartaglia, says the first new $20 bill that came in there was only a color copy.

Tartaglia accepts part of the blame for letting the bills get through. “When they match a batch and they throw the phonies in with the good ones,” explains Tartaglia, “its almost impossible to see which are good and which are bad, and when you’re busy and you’re doing a lot of transactions, you’re not going to pick them up till either you give them to the bank or you look at them but, the new ones are hard to find.”

He adds, “There’s not been enough…

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