With Belgium native Bernard Lietaer’s change in residence from California to Colorado, “the center of gravity in the money world has just shifted to Boulder,” says a press release for The Future of Money Summit…

,” says a press release for The Future of Money Summit, a conference that was held in Broomfield on 27-29. The conference examined evolving forms of money. That may sound like hype. But Lietaer, who spoke at the conference, is co-architect of the euro.

Fellow Belgian Francois Heyvaert, who headed Belgium’s foreign department, garnered support for the euro, which united 15 currencies, while Lietaer handled the software and other technical aspects.

It wasn’t easy. The design of the euro had to incorporate the inflationary policies of countries such as Italy with the conservative monetary policies of Germany, whose currency collapse in the 1920s helped foster the rise of Nazism. It took from 1978, when leaders of Germany and France first floated the idea of a “zone of monetary stability,” to 1999 to create the euro, Lietaer said. But, he said, “In the monetary domain, 20 years is a quickie.”

Keep that in mind when thinking about the Terra, the global trade reference currency that Lietaer plans to unveil at the DaVinci Institute’s Future of Money Summit. The establishment of the Terra is “going to be a quickie,” he said. He thinks it will take a mere five to 10 years to get into use.

The Terra would be a complementary currency backed by…

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