Why does the Pentagon have five sides? Some see conspiracies in the building’s structure and in the layout of the nation’s capital.

To the patriot, Washington, D.C., is a shrine to American history and the cradle of democracy. To the paranoid, it’s a city filled with secrets and cover-ups…

Indeed, the capital of the United States is probably home to more conspiracy theories than anywhere else on Earth.

Many believe that the grid design of the city is laid out according to Masonic principles. Washington, D.C., is laid out in a series of pentagrams, a key Masonic symbol.

Conspiracy theorists believe there were sinister motives among the founders when they set up Washington as a power base from which they could rule the world. Some say the design gives the city an almost occult power.

The Pentagon

Located in Hell’s Bottom in Arlington, Va., just over three miles from the White House, the Pentagon …

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