TV antennas and satellite dishes are facing some new roof-top competition – with the launch of the world’s first domestic wind generator.

The revolutionary system, which is designed and built by a Scottish company, could save consumers up to 15 per cent of energy costs every year for a single payment of £750.

Windsave’s micro wind-generator is the first to bring clean, green renewable electricity within the grasp of most families, and can be plugged directly into the mains.

The system, a 3ft by 2ft sealed unit with three blades, can operate in wind speeds as low as three miles-per-hour and requires no batteries to store the electricity.

Brian Wilson, the former UK energy minister, launched the “Plug&Save” generator together with Allan Wilson MSP, the deputy environment minister, at Glasgow’s Hilton Hotel yesterday, and said the system could become an essential part of the mix of green renewable energy for the UK by 2010.

Although the roof-mounted unit will not enable consumers to sell back electricity into the national grid, the company maintain that government subsidies will mean the unit will pay for itself in as little as three years.

Money is available both to help meet the installation costs and also in the form of “Rocs” – renewable obligation charges – which would pay any household using the invention about 6p per kilowatt hour generated.

David Gordon, the inventor of the system who put £1 million of his own money into the venture, said: “Using remote metering technology, every unit will be automatically phoned every quarter to check what green energy has been produced and then claim the Rocs on behalf of the consumer, enabling us to reward them with an annual ‘green dividend’ cheque of around £120 per unit.

“We have been working on this for the past two years to get it exactly right. We are now ready for what we believe is a huge market.”

Each unit can generate 750 watts – enough to power lights, but not energy-hungry appliances such as kettles or heaters.

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