Some of the most famous people in the history books are inventors. People like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Alexander Graham Bell are household names that virtually everyone knows about. But what does it mean to be an inventor today? How can I become one? Can I go college and graduate and get a job as an inventor? What skills do I need to become an inventor?

The DaVinci Institute and Tools for Better Learning have put together a unique event – an Inventor Boot Camp for Kids.

Children who attend the Inventor Boot Camp for Kids will learn the basics of becoming an inventor. This full-day workshop will not only give them an understanding of the inventor’s world, with stories about past inventors and a talk by a patent attorney, but they will have the opportunity to create their own invention.

Working in teams of 5, kids will be challenged to “invent something” out of a unique bag of supplies. First they will take inventory of their supplies and begin brainstorming possible inventions. Next, they will settle on one idea, and begin designing it. After completing some initial sketches, they will then begin crafting a rough proto-type or mockup of the invention. A poster board will be provided to encapsulate the day’s work. Each invention will be reviewed by a team of judges and prizes will be awarded for the best inventions.

DATE: December 20th

TIME: 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

LOCATION: Peak to Peak Charter School,
800 Merlin Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026

AGES: 4th Grade – 8th Grade

COST: $49

REGISTER: Click here.