Two food embossing inventions called the “Roller” and the “Stamper” are expected to create lasting gourmet impressions. They were also just elected as one of the “2003/2004 Top 10 Consumer Products of the Year” by the Procter & Gamble Company, The Academy of Applied Science, Inventors’ Digest magazine and the United Inventors Association.

In a recent, annual national new consumer products hunt contest, they were voted to be in the top ten best. With little more than the price of these award winning food embossing hand tools, just about any establishment that sells food for patron consumption, can now sell food advertising space. “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” written around the crust of a pizza for special events, would be easy as pie. On a corporate level, MSNBC’s news maven, Jerry Nachman envisions powerhouses like “ABC (Television) would pay Dominos (Pizza) to put “Monday Night Football” on a pizza crust.” What about interactive Super Bowl advertising of embossed team logos that would be a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising mediums? Good food presented in good taste sells. This association would make these future food smells alone, a conditioned memory response of the embossed advertisement, thereby reinforcing brand identity.

Advertising guru Richard Kirshenbaum (of Kirshenbaum, Bond, and Partners) says, “For example, if we were launching “Mystic Pizza” today, the movie, it would be fabulous.” Embossed, imprinted examples and a short demonstration video can be found on the award winning website, http:/ The patents pending “Roller” and the “Stamper” amazingly and beautifully turn a vast variety of foods (from pizzas and cheeses to ice creams and pastries) instantly into scrumptious, edible experiences. Impressionable memories, associated and bonded with good food and good fun can last a lifetime.

Food embossing art and messages are now child’s play, using these revolutionary kitchen tools. They creatively reinforce a restaurant’s brand or advertises others’ products, services or events and in any language. Since there are no additional costs other than the initial price for these food embossing tools, repeat impressions and advertising cost nothing. “All this translates to loads of fun and tremendous sales profits,” says Gourmet Impression’s CEO, Rich Errera. “Just by viewing our website as a result of a few press releases in the past few months, thousands, in more than forty countries have expressed interest to own these two unique food embossing products. They include Disney, Cosco, the Vatican, hotels, bakers, restaurants and caterers.”

Commercial and consumer demand has been phenomenal but manufacturers are needed. Whether sold on television infomercials, retail outlets, catalogs, or directly to the trade, the “Roller” and the “Stamper” promise to be fun, moneymakers on several levels. Interested investors to license the manufacturing rights are wanted and urged to contact Gourmet Impression LLC. Explore ground level, ground breaking lucrative opportunities on a global scale.

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