For students who wait till the last minute to start their term papers, plagiarism today doesn’t even require cracking open an encyclopedia.

Need a paper on the Cuban Missile Crisis? Done, for $10 a page. Want it custom made? Add another $5 per page. Just go to sleep and it’ll be in your inbox by morning.

Since the Internet became readily accessible to students in the 1990s, it has become in some ways the educator’s worst enemy. In secondary schools and universities alike, students are taking advantage of the fact that ready-made papers are only a few clicks away. An entire industry has sprung up to provide free homework or – at a price – papers purported to be custom-made.

But now teachers are fighting back. Across the country, educators have become savvier about using a combination of in-class writing samples, Internet search engines, and antiplagiarism technology to beat the cheating scourge.

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