According to Prophy-Lectric’s vice president of engineering Peter Priapikoff, the Nippit 3000 chip — although barely a micron in diameter — projects a high-intensity ultra-sonic electromagnetic “sound cone” that is inaudible to the human ear but fatal to any sperm cell within a range of six meters, or about 18 feet.

The ultrasonic beam is the result of research on the effect of electromagnetic radiation on male potency. The Nippit version of this technology, according to Priapikoff, has no permanent effect on the human reproductive organs and damages nothing but sperm cells. “It’s remarkably specific to a guy’s little wigglers,” said the Prophy-Lectric spokesman, “although this high-pitched sound does tend to drive off the family dog.”

The Nippit 3000, said Prophy-Lectric CEO Dorcas Gliebman, has been tested medically, clinically and technically, and is ready for mass roll-out. “We’re not exactly sure why it works,” said Gliebman. “But it does the job, at a better than 99 percent kill rate. It leaves condoms in the dust.”

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