Theorists are working madly to develop the new “Theory of Everything” that will tie together all the forces in the Universe into one unified explanation.

Experimenters are also working to come up with ways to test these various theories, and narrow down the ones that actually predict what happens in Nature.

One upcoming experiment called LATOR will test how the Sun’s gravity bends light emitted by mini-satellites – it will be so precise that many theories will be invalidated if it doesn’t find deviations from Einstein’s predictions.

Image credit: NASA/JPL
Sooner or later, the reign of Einstein, like the reign of Newton before him, will come to an end. An upheaval in the world of physics that will overthrow our notions of basic reality is inevitable, most scientists believe, and currently a horse race is underway between a handful of theories competing to be the successor to the throne.

In the running are such mind-bending ideas as…

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