The über trend is that uncertainty is no longer a “circumstance” that is transitory. We have entered the “Epoch of Uncertainty,” where it is a permanent state … at least for the foreseeable future. The Renaissance created a great uncertainty but ended in a new synthesis and the establishment of new social, political, and economic norms.

Today there is no such thing as normal. Today, the fringe (extranormal) pulls the social convention (normal) wherever it feels like…. terrorists now have press conferences and correspondents go. So you tell me: Are terrorists on the fringe today–or in the mainstream? And if in the mainstream, wouldn’t that increase the likelihood of more attacks? … Politically [the key trend] is “participatoryness”– real engagement in the process is coming back … In economics, it is that globalization cannot be stopped. The global economy is like Mount Everest; it makes its own weather. In business, the trend that goes unnoticed is that hugely successful firms no longer do what made them great in the first place.

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