Over in the city of Pleasanton, California, they’re launching a new traffic light that detects speeders – and hits them with a red light. While plenty of lights have sensors to let them know when to turn green, this one is designed to cool off the speeders and slow them down a bit. It watches for speeders, and when they’re spotted, it turns the light red, to make them slow down.

Drivers on the two-lane Vineyard, as they approach Montevino, will see an electronic sign that gives the speed limit — 40 mph heading west and 35 mph going east — then flashes their actual speed.

A camera about 350 feet from the intersection measures speed and tells the light whether to do its business. Traffic engineers plan to give drivers a few miles per hour of wiggle room. But once speeding is detected, the red light will turn on for at least 10 seconds — or 30 seconds-plus if cross traffic is waiting.

It’s all a little too much for Ken Pattee, a 52-year-old construction inspector from Livermore who sometimes rides his Harley-Davidson down Vineyard Avenue. He said he doesn’t feel good about the electronic eye.

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