Some landlocked Canadian cows are enjoying a little seafood with their hay and grain so they can produce a new kind of milk being touted for its benefits for the brain, eyes and nerves.

The milk, produced by herring-fed cows in Ontario, provides a fatty acid also common in salmon, trout and mackerel to diets of people who don’t eat enough fish, said Larry Milligan, a researcher at the University of Guelph, which developed the milk.

But it doesn’t taste fishy, Milligan said Tuesday.

“I don’t detect any difference whatsoever from regular milk,” he said.

The milk is sold in Ontario by Neilson Dairy, a subsidiary of George Weston Ltd. , Canada’s largest food processor and distributor.

At C$5.29 per four liters ($3.98 for 3.5 quarts), it’s more than 20 percent pricier than regular milk, but similar in cost to calcium-enriched milk.

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