A Japanese inventor named Kohei Minato has created a new kind of motor. It uses magnetism to perpetuate the motor motion. As a result the motors uses 80% less energy than a conventional motor, while still maintaing the same horsepower.

Minato assures us that he hasn’t transcended the laws of physics. The force supplying the unexplained extra power out is generated by the magnetic strength of the permanent magnets embedded in the rotor.

“I’m simply harnessing one of the four fundamental forces of nature,” he says.

On top of the energy savings the motor runs cool to the touch and is significantly quieter than a tradtitionally powered fan. Sound to good to be true? Well he’s already started selling 40,000 fans to a chain of convience stores in Japan. Hopefully soon the design will make it in to your home PC, allowing them to run much quieter.”

Video and more info here.