An internet site offering raw webcam coverage of a family of wild boar has attracted some 1.5 million hits in just two weeks, its creators have said.

The site, run by a German hunting association, has been dubbed ‘Pig Brother’ as coverage started after the launch here of a third series of the reality TV series ‘Big Brother’.

The boar — three males called Kalle, Oskar and Willy, three females named Luise, Berta and Sophie, and their offspring — are filmed for 24 hours a day by two hidden cameras in their habitat in the Eifel mountain range in western Germany.

The association’s spokeswoman, Anke Nuh, said that although the website had been created mainly for children, most of the people logging on appeared to be adults.

“Germans, whether children or adults, don’t have much chance these days to experience nature and see wild animals in their environment,” she said.

The site will run until the end of May.

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