Meet renowned robotics expert and futurist Dr. Joanne Pransky, the World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist®, who brings Isaac Asimov’s science fiction character – robopsychologist Susan Calvin – to life.

Dr. Pransky, who has been pondering, researching, and speaking on issues concerning the human/robot relationship since 1986, appears on television and radio to discuss the emotional aspects and psychological implications of a society where robots are part of everyday life. She also speaks and writes on this topic nationally and internationally.

During the past decade, Dr. Joanne served as the senior sales and marketing executive for Sankyo Robotics, a world leading manufacturer of small assembly and handling industrial robot systems (as well as the surgical robot system used for RoboDoc). She has been the U.S. Associate Editor for Emerald, publisher of Industrial Robot, Assembly Automation, and Sensor Review since 1996, and is also the U.S. Associate Editor for the new International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery launched in April, 2004.

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